Wedding Seating Chart

We officially have 20 days until the wedding!? Say WHAT!?

So this weekend, my fiance’ came to visit me! YAY. And we put together our seating chart for the wedding. I had seen some ideas on pinterest about how to do this in an organized fashion. The way I chose to do this worked out PERFECTLY. I recommend this anyone creating seating charts for anything.

Things you need:
– Wall Space, we used a whiteboard wall, but any wall or table even
– Lots of sticky notes. You will see below the 2 sizes we used
– Guest List of course, mine is in a spread sheet with how many people are attending per ‘family’

We started by writing down all the families on the guest list and how many people are in that party.
ie. (Smith 4) Then we lined those up (we color coded ours to my family, his family, my friends etc…) The tables at our venue hold 6 people comfortably, so the families of 6, we just wrote on a large sticky note because they get a whole table to themselves. You can see the small stickys, with names, lined up on the sides

Then we set up our venue, and how the lady suggested the tables be arranged.  We started with our parents in the front and center and moved on from there. We added important points, like where the bar and DJ are located.

It was so nice to move people around quickly and find a way to have as few tables as possible. Here is our final board.

I then took this image and made a diagram/map for the people setting up our venue. It tells you where tables go, their number, and how many place settings / chairs should be at that table. Logically, its color coded 😉

Feel free to reach out if you have questions or want some tips. This strategy worked great for us! But maybe you have a better idea or a different way of handling it? Would love some feedback on what ya think. Happy Monday!

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