Noel String Art

Hello! It’s been a longggg time since I have blogged, but I am trying to change that. Being the holiday season I have lots of recipes and crafts to share! Those of you who don’t know me, I am a person that decides on a dime I want to craft something, and I do it. That’s what happened to me yesterday, so i didn’t take any pictures of during my project. I decided I was going to make some string art for a family gift exchange, while shopping at Michael’s, I realized I had already bought a gift (a long time ago, and I had forgot about it!). Well being a Saturday with nothing to do, I decided to go ahead and attempt string art and see how it goes.

So I got a 12″ x 12″ piece of wood from Michaels, a roll of string, and a box of nails from Home Depot. I painted the wood, with some paint I had at home. I printed out what I wanted to make. I traced the outside and made holes around the inside lines. When I started this project, I was really dreading it about 5 nails in. This was going to take FOREVER. But once I got in a groove, it wasn’t too bad. I plan to try this again with a different design (thinking the state of Ohio). When I do, I will give a better How To post with pictures!

My advice if you decide to dive into the deep water of string art, Work from the inside out, it gets hard to hold the nails when you are putting them between other nails.

Thanks for reading!

Noel String Art Noel String Art




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