DIY Magnetic Board

This weekend we were having a hard time trying to figure out a Christmas gift for my husband’s step-mom. So I decided to make her a magnetic board. I have done this before, but took pictures to show you the steps.

Things you need:
Photo Frame (you can use any size)
Sheet of metal (I found this with the duct work at Home Depot)
Tin Snips
Fabric (Big enough to cover the metal and then some)
Spray Adhesive
Hot Glue

Measure out how big your sheet of metal needs to be to fit into the frame, and cut it to size. I usually use the glass from the frame to draw a line on the metal, and follow it with the tin snips. (Now you can find a new DIY project with your glass!) Check to make sure it fits into the frame before moving on (I forgot to do this and had to go back and fix it later, oops!)

Make sure you iron your fabric so there are not wrinkles. Then, take your metal sheet outside and spray it with basic spray adhesive. I usually just bring it back in (doesn’t dry right away) and add my fabric to it. Use yours hands from the center to spread it outward so that the fabric is nice and flat to the metal.


Next, you need to wrap the fabric tightly around the back of your sheet metal, like a present. This is where the hot glue comes in handy. I usually fold in the long ends and glue them, then the short ends. Once thats done, pop your sheet metal into your frame and WALL-AH! You have a magnetic board 🙂 It’s a beautiful addition to any room and so customizable!

IMG_7625 IMG_7627




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