Anchored in Faith – Art by Amber

Amber is the cousin of my best friend. She needed some help with her logo. Amber is an Art Teacher and does lots of artwork on the side for freelance. She does amazing hand lettering – I paid her to write our table numbers on some wood for my wedding. Check out her facebook page – I can’t seem to find her Etsy Site. Feel free to message her for requests – tell her Danielle sent you 🙂

I also created her custom business cards. And I created anchor patterns for her to use on social media (the backs of her business cards). And for her craft and trade shows – I found some anchor print scrapbooking paper and die cut some price tags.


30 Day Push Up Challenge

Happy Friday!

My husband and I have been lifting weights since January and I’m just not seeing much change in my arm muscles. So today, I’m going to start a push-up challenge. Anyone want to join me? Being my designer self, I didn’t like anything I could find on google. So I created a printable sheet for you to keep track of your push ups. It fits perfectly on a 8.5×11 piece of paper. I added a few days so it was a solid 5 weeks, but after 30 days you are able to do 50 pushups!! Feel free to download it! I like to hang mine up right by my bedroom door so I remember 🙂

Let me know what you think!
PRINTABLE 30 Day Pushup Challenge.

Birthday Party – Ruby

A good friend of mine wanted to send out invitations for her daughters birthday. We decided to do postcards (super fun and no envelope needed)! I love how these turned out. Pink and adorable for a one year old, with some polka dots for fun 🙂

See anything you like? Or want a custom invite, lets chat!

Peacock Feather + Rustic Wedding

I have talked a little bit about my wedding. I wanted to give you a look to what it turned out to be. I submitted my wedding on StyleMePretty. I was looking for a place for the bride to submit on, but I can’t find it (please comment if you have a link!). So photography credit goes to the wonderful Janne Photography. Here is what I submitted as a description for my wedding.

Jordan and I got married September 6th, 2015. This was also our 10 year anniversary of being together. November 1, 2013, Jordan I went to this little spot in Cincinnati, Ohio that overlooked the city. Just a casual night, waiting for time to pass before meeting up with friends. Before I knew it, Jordan was on one knee, PROPOSING! I had no idea this was coming, but was thrilled it happened! That winter, my mother and mother in law started wedding planning. We visited our outdoor venue when it had snow on the ground and booked it. Taste tested caterers and cakes and attended a bridal expo.

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Wedding Seating Chart

We officially have 20 days until the wedding!? Say WHAT!?

So this weekend, my fiance’ came to visit me! YAY. And we put together our seating chart for the wedding. I had seen some ideas on pinterest about how to do this in an organized fashion. The way I chose to do this worked out PERFECTLY. I recommend this anyone creating seating charts for anything.

Things you need:
– Wall Space, we used a whiteboard wall, but any wall or table even
– Lots of sticky notes. You will see below the 2 sizes we used
– Guest List of course, mine is in a spread sheet with how many people are attending per ‘family’
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Hello world!

Hello world is the default title for your first post on… but it resonates well with me. Being part of a developer world, you always learn to start with “Hello world!”. And for me today, I am saying Hello to the world of blogging.

I have never had a blog before, and am excited to start this journey. I wish I had started this sooner, because I have sooo much to talk about that I don’t know where to begin! Let’s start with a little about me. I am a Designer. I have skills that spreads across a broad range of design types. but LO LO LOVE interaction design, user interface design, user experience design, etc; let’s call it Digital Design. I just recently graduated college, and have started a new job as a Digital Designer at a WONDERFUL company and am so in love right now, my wedding is in 5.5 weeks. FIVE WEEKS! My life is a little crazy right now, so why not start a blog!?

Some Goals of this blog:

  • Grow my writing skills. Being able to write more often, about something I enjoy, will definitely increase my creative writing skills, as well as my vocabulary (it needs help)
  • Get my thoughts, inspiration, process, and final projects in writing.
  • Get my work noticed. Whether its my design work, my crafting, DIY, or the combination of everything I do. I want to be noticed, I mean who doesn’t!?

It has been a long day, but I feel accomplished for starting something I have been thinking about for months. I would love to get tips from any Veteran Bloggers about how I can become a Veteran Blogger.