Birthday Party – Ruby

A good friend of mine wanted to send out invitations for her daughters birthday. We decided to do postcards (super fun and no envelope needed)! I love how these turned out. Pink and adorable for a one year old, with some polka dots for fun 🙂

See anything you like? Or want a custom invite, lets chat!


DIY Magnetic Board

This weekend we were having a hard time trying to figure out a Christmas gift for my husband’s step-mom. So I decided to make her a magnetic board. I have done this before, but took pictures to show you the steps.

Things you need:
Photo Frame (you can use any size)
Sheet of metal (I found this with the duct work at Home Depot)
Tin Snips
Fabric (Big enough to cover the metal and then some)
Spray Adhesive
Hot Glue
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Noel String Art

Hello! It’s been a longggg time since I have blogged, but I am trying to change that. Being the holiday season I have lots of recipes and crafts to share! Those of you who don’t know me, I am a person that decides on a dime I want to craft something, and I do it. That’s what happened to me yesterday, so i didn’t take any pictures of during my project. I decided I was going to make some string art for a family gift exchange, while shopping at Michael’s, I realized I had already bought a gift (a long time ago, and I had forgot about it!). Well being a Saturday with nothing to do, I decided to go ahead and attempt string art and see how it goes.
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